Cookies Policy

Here, you will learn about what cookies are, how they are used on the Room15.Digital website, how we process data collected through cookies, and how you can opt out of them.


Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your computer or other device when you visit a website. They allow the website to recognize your device, store information about your preferences, and remember your previous actions.


Types of Cookies We Use

Some cookies that our website uses are technically necessary for the site’s functioning. Other cookies are typically set in response to actions initiated by you. These cookies help improve your interaction with our website.


Our website also utilizes statistical cookies to track visitors and analyze sources of traffic, enabling us to measure and optimize our site’s performance. This allows us to understand which pages are the most popular and least visited, as well as track user movement throughout the site.


For instance, we use Google Analytics to determine the frequency of repeat visits by the same users, their sources of site entry (advertisements or referral sites), and visits to specific pages. This information is aggregated with data from thousands of other users to create a comprehensive overview of site usage.


How Room15.Digital Handles Data Obtained Through Cookies

During your visit to the Room15.Digital website, you may have noticed a pop-up window regarding consent for the use of cookie files. We proactively inform users about the use of statistical and marketing cookie files.


Information obtained through cookie files is processed in accordance with our privacy policy. This data may be accessible to our employees and subcontractors, with whom non-disclosure agreements are mandatory.


To enhance the website’s performance, interactivity, and the overall user experience, we reserve the right to utilize third-party services. Consequently, when interacting with third-party services, Room15.Digital may transmit relevant information to these platforms when they are utilized.


Room15.Digital does not have direct control over the information collected by third-party services. Regarding the collection and processing of your data by such organizations, please refer to their respective websites: Facebook , Youtube , Google Analytics, Microsoft.


How to Manage Cookie Files on Your Own

You can easily manage cookie files in your browser. This process varies in each browser.

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